Cargo insurance

We know how important your cargo is so, for added safety, Speed Line Network provides to its customers Cargo Insurance services.

Speed Line Network carefully chooses its partners to carry out the shipments that it has been entrusted to; still, in order to prevent any kind of misfortune generated by unexpected events that may occur during a shipment, we recommend to our clients to secure their goods by  signing a cargo insurance.

Why? Because the liability of carriers is limited by valid international rules so that, in order to ensure full coverage of any damage, it is recommended that the owners of the goods take additional measures to secure their cargo value.

Speed Line Network cooperates with top Insurers Companies that are specialized in releasing cargo insurances, thus SLN is able to negotiate most advantageous costs and insurance terms for you.

Using Cargo Insurance, our clients can insure both domestic and / or international goods transports by any type of transport (road, rail, air, sea, river or combined) as well as the transportation and customs related costs, at 100% or 110% of the insured amount.

There are 3 basic types of insurance clauses, covering:

  • Clause C – it covers the risks for a limited category of goods;
  • Clause B – it is recommended especially for sea freight;
  • Clause A – all risks- it covers the damages caused to the goods transported for any cause, except for the circumstances outlined in the exclusion of conditions. It is the most used clause in international transport.

There are also additional clauses: theft, robbery or non-delivery clause (additional to clauses C and B), war clause, strike clause, intermediate deposit clause, and others, that can be added to your insurance.

You will find below a brief description of the risks covered by each of the three basic clauses:

Fire of ExplosionYESYESYES
Ship failure, sink or overturnYESYESYES
Overturning or derailment of the land transport vehicleYESYESYES
Collision or contact with an object other than waterYESYESYES
Unloading the goods in a shelter portYESYESYES
Sacrifice in case of common damageYESYESYES
Throwing overboardYESYESYES
Earthquake, volcanic eruption, lightningYESYES
Cargo taking over by wavesYESYES
The infiltration of water (sea, lake, river) in the vessel ship, airplane, land transport means, warehouse.YESYES
Total loss of a parcel overboard or dropped during loading or unloading into / out of the means of transportYESYES
All risks of loss or damage caused by any event unforeseen,accidental,incidental, unspecified (including theft)YES
Theft, robbery or non-deliveryOOYES
Storage riskOOO
War and strikesOOO
O –  this clause may be included in the insurance as an additional clause by paying extra insurance prime. For more details please do not hesitate to contact us.