Are the most common truck types and they have different loading capacities:

  • tilt van -1,5/3,5 T- suitable for small and light cargo; can be equipped and approved ADR for the transport of dangerous goods;
  • tilt truck – 7,5 T – suitable for max 8 T general cargo or ADR;
  • tilt truck – 20-22 T – 86-89 cubic m capacity or 20-22 T cargo weight;
  • MEGATRAILER tipper semi-trailer trucks – 95-100 cubic m or 20-22 T cargo wight;
  •  JUMBO tipper semi-trailer trucks – max 95 cubic m or 21-22 T cargo weight;
  • truck with tarpaulin.


Trailer trucks / lorries are preferred in some cases for more useful volume.

Useful dimensions: truck size 7-8 m x 2.45 m x 2.70 m (L x L x h) + trailer size: 7-8m x 2.45m x 2.70m or 3m. Suitable for general cargo or dangerous goods (ADR).


Lorries or semi-trailers with fully enclosed rigid walls generally bear the name of “dube” or “closed dowels”. On this type of truck the loading of the goods is done only through the doors behind the truck or the semi-trailer. Types of van are often found in garments and textiles transport, where they are fitted with bars for carrying clothes hangers, as well as for transporting goods sensitive to weather. Of course, van trucks can load and carry any other type of general palletised goods or in bags, cans, baloons, etc., provided they are loaded only by the back of the truck.

*europalet  dimensions: L = 1.2 m, l = 0.8 m, h = 1.2 m.


Refrigerated trucks provides international or domestic transport for goods with varying degrees of perishability. Goods that can be transported by refrigerated trucks are usually from the category of food, flowers, medicines, thermo-sensitive substances, etc.


  • freeze transport – used when goods are to be transported at very low temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius (usually up to -20 degrees Celsius);
  • refrigerated transport – used when goods are only maintained throughout transport at a constant (positive or negative) temperature;
  • temperatures in the freezing area (-20 degrees C) can be obtained mainly on large cold oaks (20 tons useful).


Suitable for fast and easy transport, low-volume trucks have a payload of between 1.5 and 3.5 tons.

These may have a closed body (vanes, vanes) or tarpaulin (vans). They can be used both in full truck mode (FTL) and in group mode (LTL).


A shipment is considered overweight when the dimensions of goods / goods to be transported far outweigh the standard dimensions (13.60m x 2.45m x 3m – Lxlxh) of a standard 20 T truck. The weight that can be transported on over sized trailers varies depending on the number of axles of the trailer.

Types of oversized trailer

  • low-bed (with floor near the ground – so-called “swan neck” trailers;
  • extensible trailer width and / or length for extremely long goods with a variable number of axles.